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Drinking Water Treatment System/Production Line

Drinking Water Treatment System/Production Line Description: This Water Treatment System machines is used for pure water, mineral water, and drinking water in other beverage drinks.

It includes the water tanks, water pumps, multi-medium filter, active carbon filter, sodium ion filter, micro filter, R.O machine, hollow fiber super filter, water sterilizer such as ozone generator and U.V ray sterilizer. There are some additional machines according to the customers’ requirement and the real water quality.

Material: All of the above machines are made of stainless steel 304(food grade).

Quality: all the pumps, valves, pipe fittings and connectors are from good suppliers in China. In the R.O Machine we use American HYDRANAUTCS company’s ESPAI high technology80’×40’ compound film.

Our company can supply the water treatment system machines from 2,000Liters per hour to 60,000Liters per hour.